Bromine Aluminum Reaction

When bromine is introduced into a reaction vessel containing pieces of aluminum foil, a dramatic reaction occurs. Key Takeaways The following reaction occurs: 2 Al(s) + 3 Br2(l) ==> 2 AlBr3(s) The reaction is highly exothermic so that a huge part of the reactants is lost. Sparks from burning aluminum and bromine vapor are everywhere! Equipment &… Continue reading Bromine Aluminum Reaction

Mercury Thiocyanate Serpent

How to make the Pharoah’s Serpent (Mercury (II) Thiocyanate). Mercury (II) thiocyanate is made using potassium thiocyanate, mercury and concentrated nitric acid. How to perform the Pharaoh’s Serpent This is a simple firework demonstration. All you need to do is ignite a small pile of mercury(II) thiocyanate. Mercury thiocyanate is an insoluble white solid which can be… Continue reading Mercury Thiocyanate Serpent

Ammonium Dichromate Volcano

With just one chemical you can create a realistic-looking chemistry volcano. The chemical is called Ammonium Dichromate and here is how to do the experiment: Key Takeaways The volcano is made up by a pile of ammonium dichromate While the ammonium dichromate decomposes, it gives off orange sparks and throws the green chromium(III) oxide crystals… Continue reading Ammonium Dichromate Volcano