Blood and hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is produced in many reactions of oxygen in the blood. Since it’s toxic, the body has developed a great antidote. This is called catalase and is contained in the blood. You can do a nice experiment with it. Safety note: Hydrogen peroxide is explosive in high concentrations and when heated. Plus it’s corrosive.… Continue reading Blood and hydrogen peroxide

Detection reactions using hydrogen peroxide

Complexes with titanyl sulfate and with chromate With colorless titanyl sulfate, a deep yellow titanium peroxo complex is formed. TiO2+ + H2O2 -> [TiO2]2+ + H2O This reaction can also be used to detect dissolved titanium ions. Cr2O72- + 4 H2O2 -> 2 [CrO5(OH)]– + 3 H2O In the same way, a deep blue colored… Continue reading Detection reactions using hydrogen peroxide