How to make Red Fire

Lithium ions coloring a flame red

We are all used to flame being yellowy-orange. But can we turn a flame red? Yes, here’s how! Key Takeaways Many metals and non-metals turn flame different colors Alkali and earth alkali metals have low ionization energies  Lithium salts give a purplish-red, and strontium ones a red flame Equipment & Chemicals The preparation is quite… Continue reading How to make Red Fire

The best Way to make Green Fire

Trimethyl Borate ester burning with a green flame

Green is probably the coolest color to turn flames. But there is only one chemical, that will give you real, vibrant green. Here is which one: Key Takeaways This experiment uses dangerous chemicals. Please review the safety The green color is generated from a chemical called trimethyl borate Methanol is used because, on its own,… Continue reading The best Way to make Green Fire