Peroxo Compounds

The peroxo acids, also called peracids for short, and their salts are of great importance for the chemical industry. They all carry the group -O-O-H or -O-O-. The perborates and percarboxylic acids are known as bleaching agents in detergents. Sulfur also forms peroxy acids: peroxomonosulfuric acid H2SO5 (Caro’s acid) and peroxydisulfuric acid H2S2O8. They have… Continue reading Peroxo Compounds

Percarbonate Compounds

Peroxycarbonates (also known as peroxocarbonates) play an important role in the synthesis of plastics, for example in the production of PVC or PE. Many heavy-duty detergents contain percarbonates as bleaching substances. Peroxy(di)carbonates contain bound peroxides The underlying peroxycarboxylic acid H2CO4 is not stable and rather hypothetical, but there are the anions HCO4– and CO42-, which… Continue reading Percarbonate Compounds