How to make Potassium Metal

Elemental Potassium is a silvery, soft, Alkali metal that is highly reactive and will readily explode upon contact with liquid water. Though the synthesis of this exotic metal is often done in magnitudes only capable in factories, under conditions too extraneous for the amateur chemist, the method described produces Potassium metal from common lab chemicals… Continue reading How to make Potassium Metal

Aspirin Synthesis

Even though the aspirin produced by this method is reasonably pure, it should never be used as a medication. Key Takeaways Aspirin or ASA (acetylsalicylic acid) can be synthesized by turning the hydroxyl group of salicylic acid into an ester group (R-OH → R-OCOCH3) In the body, however, aspirin is again metabolized to salicylic acid,… Continue reading Aspirin Synthesis