Potassium alum adduct Borax crystal

Do you want to grow a crystal that changes its shape during the process? Perfect! This crystal will start as a normal alum crystal and later take on the cubic shape of borax. What you need: Potassium alum Borax A beaker Glass stirring rod or a spoon Distilled water (Tap water also work) Hot plate… Continue reading Potassium alum adduct Borax crystal

Chrome Alum Crystal

Chrome alum or chromium alum is a safe salt that produces dark, purplish crystals. Key Takeaways An alum is a type of chemical compound with the general formula XAl(SO4)2·12H2O, where X is a monovalent cation such as potassium or ammonium Alum crystals form octahedral shapes in their purest form Mixed Chrome Alum crystals consist of potassium alum (KAl(SO4)2·12H2O) mixed with chrome alum (KCr(SO4)2·12H2O)… Continue reading Chrome Alum Crystal