Sodium ferrioxalate crystal

Do you want to grow a beautiful green complex crystal? Then sodium ferrioxalate is the perfect salt to start with

What you need:

Oxalic acid

Ferric chloride

Sodium hydroxide or Soda

Ph test paper

• Distilled water

Preparing the solution

– Dissolve 50g of Oxalic acid in 300ml of distilled water

– Add the ferric chloride until the solution turns a bit brown

– Slowly add the sodium hydroxide or soda until the PH reaches around 6 (the reaction is exothermic so be careful)

– The reaction might create a lot of precipitate, which you can just filter out

– Pour the solution in a large bottom container and wait for the seeds

Growing process

After a few days, the seed will start to appear

Sodium ferrioxalate crystals
Seed crystals of Na3[Fe(C2O4)3]

Use the tweezer and pick a perfect seed and hang it onto a fishing string

Transfer the seed solution into your cup and hang the seed into the solution (don’t let the seed touch the bottom)

Final result:

Note: the crystal and the solution are sensitive to strong light so I recommend growing the crystal it in the dark.