Silver Tree Chemistry Experiment

This beautiful experiment shows you how to grow your own tree which magically turns copper wire to silver crystals. Key Takeaways Silver is a less reactive metal than copper, which means copper metal can force silver out of solutions of silver salts A single-displacement reaction occurs Cu + 2AgNO3 -> 2Ag + Cu(NO3)2 What you… Continue reading Silver Tree Chemistry Experiment

The best Way to make Green Fire

Trimethyl Borate ester burning with a green flame

Green is probably the coolest color to turn flames. But there is only one chemical, that will give you real, vibrant green. Here is which one: Key Takeaways This experiment uses dangerous chemicals. Please review the safety The green color is generated from a chemical called trimethyl borate Methanol is used because, on its own,… Continue reading The best Way to make Green Fire

How to make Purple Smoke

Smoke is generated in a lot of chemical reactions, but have you ever created purple smoke? Here is how! Key Takeaways This experiment deals with toxic chemicals, use proper Protection The purple “smoke” is actually no smoke, but iodine vapor During the reaction, a lot of heat is produced and occasionally sparks can be seen… Continue reading How to make Purple Smoke