Water sensitive flash powder

Everyone should know, that it is not wise to extinguish every fire with water. Special hazards need special care. We can demonstrate this with an interesting pyrotechnic mixture: Negative X. This is a metal-catalyzed, strongly exothermic redox reaction which is initiated by nascent hydrogen (formed from ammonium ions of the acidic hydrolyzing salts and the… Continue reading Water sensitive flash powder

Synthesis of silver acetylide

First, set up a gas generator to produce acetylene gas. Learn how to build one here. Now lead some gas from the apparatus into a perfectly clean test tube that contains 10 ml of ammoniacal silver nitrate solution (w(AgNO3) = 1%). At first a white precipitate forms, which soon turns gray. We can also see… Continue reading Synthesis of silver acetylide

Explosive Manganese

Manganese heptoxide, a highly reactive green liquid, is made by mixing solid potassium permanganate with concentrated sulphuric acid. Key Takeaways   Equipment & Chemicals concentrated sulfuric acid potassium permanganate acetone or any other flammable liquid (e.g. ethanol, methanol) optionally: charcoal, glycerol, sulfur The iodine clock reaction Take a very small amount of potassium permanganate (a… Continue reading Explosive Manganese

Chemical Fire Starter

Potassium permanganate and Glycerin reaction

Smoke is generated in a lot of chemical reactions, but have you ever created purple smoke? Here is how! Key Takeaways Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4) is a dark purple solid that is used as a very powerful oxidizing agent KMnO4 oxidizes Glycerin (high concentration of C-H bonds, acts as a fuel)  The energy released is enough… Continue reading Chemical Fire Starter