Frozen methane bubbles

Sometimes, during the winter, some very special structures can be found on frozen lakes: frozen methane bubbles. Watch this video to see some of them in action: How is methane gas created? Shallow lakes contain a lot of mud. The mud itself contains a lot of organic material, which is decomposed by bacteria. The bacteria… Continue reading Frozen methane bubbles

How oil and natural gas once formed

In contrast to coal, it is not exactly known how oil was produced in the first place. We know, that oil is almost exclusively be found in sediment deposits below the sea. Crude oil can also be found near dried-out inland seas. In addition, we have found highly-complex compounds in crude oil, that can only… Continue reading How oil and natural gas once formed


Hydrocarbons build the backbone of organic chemistry. As the name suggests: they are only made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms. But, this bond is so powerful, that thousands of different molecules emerge from it! Hydrogen’s valency is one, which means it can only form a single stable bond with other molecules. Carbon on the… Continue reading Hydrocarbons